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The most advanced artist development and music production program, ever.


Music Production Coaching in Music Career Accelerator

Mike Maningi's coaching philosophy, why we teach in a very individualized way, and the growth we are seeing in Music Career Accelerator.

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The Truth About Artist Development

Here, we discuss the myths of artist development today, what we focus on in Music Career Accelerator, and why it's so important to create in way that works for you.

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Advice from Our Community

Some of our recent graduates reached out with their advice on the best way to make the most of your experience in this program, and what it's meant to them!

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Work with us in two live, small group coaching sessions each week. These are truly unique coaching calls with 1:1 attention given to all!  

  • Music making mentorship (live, in your DAW, in small breakout rooms)
  • Artist Development and Music Career Diagnostics (artist identity, road mapping, music marketing, music release strategies, networking expertise, and bonus performance assessments)

Lifetime access to our advanced, VIP courses

  • Music Production Mastermind
  • The Undeniable Artist
  • Music Career Launch Plan

The Exclusive Music Career Mastermind Template Vault is Yours to Keep

Our Community Discord Server - For Life!

Online Industry Showcases

... so much more!!!


This is the most advanced Artist Development experience. EVER. 

Music Career Accelerator is a very unique coaching experience, designed to focus on only what YOU need to elevate you music career, from producing your music to building your network to creating a sustainable income.

You're willing to do the work to build a fulfilling music career.

I want you to get results. And enjoy the journey. And make the music you want to make.

These Aren't Your Basic Weekly Coaching Calls

Don't plan to sit there with your camera off, waiting for something relevant to happen. We're calling on you, you're sharing your screen, and we are getting to work!

You're invited to two weekly, in-depth group coaching calls with our Grammy-winning, platinum-selling team, for 90 days!

Music Production, Songwriting & Creativity

Every week you will share your screen and audio in a small breakout session, and receive 1:1 mentorship on this call. These aren't lectures where you raise your hand and hope to ask a question. These are in depth coaching sessions on your recording project. The bonus is, you get to be a fly on the wall while our team works with some of your peers as well! 

Master your creativity with inspiring, idea-generation  prompts from our platinum-selling, Grammy-winning team of songwriters and producers, then head into your assigned Music Production breakout room for individualized coaching in your DAW, sharing your screen and audio.

Artist Development & Community Marketing

I've done more than 1,000 music career road maps in the last 5 years alone, and not one of them is exactly the same. Artists are unique, and this journey is deeply personal. If you want an artist to succeed you have to know who they are, what they want out of life, what motivates them, and most importantly... what type of art do they really, truly want to make (so much that it feels like breathing). - Melissa Mulligan

In Week 1, you'll clarify all of your goals and questions with Mel, and then we're off! You'll move into her very unique Artist Identity Road Mapping process, which will become the foundation of all of the music making, portfolio building, social media, music marketing, networking, community building, industry conversations and music career launch planning you'll do.

We have deep conversations in these sessions, on everything from mindset resets to marketing to sustainable incomes, generating industry interest and creating fan funnels. These sessions are led by Melissa Mulligan and often feature special guests from the music industry.


What's included in
Music Career Accelerator

This is the ultimate artist development experience, designed to focus on EVERYTHING you need to elevate your music career, from music creation to building your network and creating a sustainable income.

Here's just some of what's included..

Music Career Diagnostics

Our team will work with you on every key element of your music career road map, and show you the secret to integrating your new music production skills, your song portfolio selections, and your unique identity into everything you share with the world.

Our Exclusive VIP Library

This is not a suite of videos for you to binge (or completely ignore), bogging you down with useless hours scrolling through tutorials that don't apply to you.

We will hand-select specific videos for you each week, to help you stay on track and supplement the work you're doing! They will serve as complementary resources so you can focus only on what relates to your specific goals, and focus on being in the moment in your live group classes.

These revolutionary courses are yours for life: The Undeniable Artist, Music Production Mastermind, and Your Music Career Launch Plan.

Professional Reviews

We have an awesome submission portal so you can submit your music for review, get remote tech support, and submit your questions between the live coaching calls.

"You are so blessed to be in a room with Melissa and Mike and Coley and Skip...

These are all people who have lived it and have succeeded in this industry …

People who actually played in it and clawed their way through… it’s another level of insight."


Sam Hollander

Multi-Platinum Songwriter & Producer
Author of the best-selling memoir 21 Hit Wonder

Join the greatest community online.

Private Discord Server

You'll have exclusive access to discussion topics with the world's greatest community of independent artists, and a space to connect directly with our team.

Online Showcases & Networking Events!

You'll receive lifteime invitations to online showcases with our extensive network of artists and professionals. 

In-Person Showcases & Recording Sessions!

As a VIP member of our Music Career Accelerator community, you'll be invited to perform at our Nashville and NYC showcases and any other networking events we have - FOR LIFE!

"I feel like I have so many ideas and so many sounds and interesting things going on in my head, and I didn't know how to create them.

And because of Mastermind, specifically, I now know how to do that."

- Reed Shannon


Ekko, The Emmy-winning series Arcane

Scotty, The Wilds on Prime

The Voice of Cartoon Network

Broadway, TV, Film and Voice Over Actor

Recording artist, Producer

"Melissa...She's the best ever."

-Chelsea Cutler

Platinum-selling, world-touring recording artist
(Private vocal client and tour prep client with Melissa Mulligan)

Music Career Mastermind gives artists a chance to move forward with their careers by establishing their own road map to success. It's also a place where you're able to collaborate and hear feedback in real time which certainly helps get through the inevitable writer's block since you're enveloped by a community of people who are just as driven as you. 

I'm just so happy it exists now for creatives who deserve a chance to learn the honest truth and be able to grow without being hindered by the myths of the music industry.

Mastermind is the inner voice you need to tell yourself "| got this! My music needs to be heard! I am an artist that is in control of my career and nothings going to stop me from doing what I love!

- Caitlin Kalafus
Recording Artist and World Touring Drummer for artists such as:
Cyndi Lauper
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Jill Sobule
The Naked and Famous
Tessa Violet
Allison Ponthier... and many more

I have been pretty nervous about how my songs and arrangements would stand up against the big artists, but I'm finding that our signature sound and our high quality production definitely stands up against most of the major artists being produced in Nashville today. The future is bright!

I'm not competing with 60,000 tracks uploaded per day. I'm really competing against myself, the quality of my craft, and my ability to properly promote myself.

That mindset shift in itself was a huge factor that increased my motivation.

It's a concept that I learned in your course, but was solidified here in my real music world over the last 6 months.

The response to all of our live shows is nothing short of phenomenal... I could not be happier with the response!"

- Jeremy

I wouldn't be as focused and confident with my path if I didn't have Mel's guidance along the way. I am forever grateful to the Mastermind team for fostering a community that encourages growth and compassion which has allowed me to grow as an artist, musician, and person.

After completing the program, I just couldn't get enough of the information and people I was surrounded by, so l immersed myself in other Mastermind programs.

The knowledge I've gained from all of these programs alone is worth every penny, but the connections I've made with instructors and fellow students are simply priceless.


“I AM A Self Sufficient Creativity Machine!” - You put this thought in my head...

Ever since I’ve been saying it to myself daily, and writing it in my daily planner journal. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities you’ve provided. I’m always so inspired by the other artists in the Mastermind community.

Mike and Skip changed my life for the best! Thank you for connecting me with new friends. I'm beyond excited to put work into my musical craft and my musical business ideas!

I feel 10 times more intelligent, confident, and creative since knowing you I look forward to more fun, musical collaborations and growing together more!


I have participated in several Mastermind programs, all of which have substantially improved my knowledge of the industry and the skills required to succeed.

I really enjoyed each class and I look forward to more continuous growth in my artistry. I appreciate the engagement and support provided by all of the instructors.

The whole Mastermind community has encouraged me to strive to become the best artist I can be.


Before I took these programs I told myself I would never be able to produce and market my art without somebody doing it for me...

I couldn't have done it without Mastermind.

I have met some of my closest friends through this program and have met teachers that I will respect and love until the day I die.

At the end of the day, Melissa teaches her students how to be themselves and how to create art that is authentic to you, and as artists and students, that is all we could hope for.


"Forever grateful for you being the first person to tell me I needed to learn production." -Katelyn Butcher