Skip Glogan

Production and Songwriting coach Skip Glogan is the producer, writer, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist for his band Almost July, as well as a popular producer, synth-scaper, co-writer and engineer in New York City.

Recent credits include Oaklnd, The O'Jays, Loren Allred, Rozzi and Jackie Evancho, while working with Mike Mangini (Mojo Music, Inc) at Mission Sound in Brooklyn.

Sessions with Skip are individualized, relaxed, and transformative! 

Artists and producers love Skip’s passion, his sense of humor and his ability to highlight the artist's vision in every track.



“Skip is hands down one of the coolest humans on this planet. In the few years I’ve been in the programs I’ve been blessed with getting to know and love him. Not only is he a fantastic coach who truly takes time to make sure you’re progressing and learning, but he also manages to have a bomb music career!! Who even does that, I swear the dude is superhuman. It’s one of the most inspirational things to see as an artist trying to make it in the industry now-a-days — he’s the perfect example of what it means to be self-sufficient and completely genuine. It’s been the most amazing thing to watch him just explode. Thanks for everything Skip, you’re truly one in a million and the world is more fabulous because of you. Keep being a badass and making killer tunes. We love you so much :)” - Lili Jay

“I was working with Skip when I was at the very beginning of my journey with production. He helped me open protools for the very first time. This, as many of us know, can be extremely frustrating, but Skip always sat with me as long as I needed, and tried to help in any way that he could. No matter what tech problems I was having that day (and believe me I had a lot), he would find some way to make the most out of our time together and share as much information as possible, even if it just meant me watching him do something on his screen and taking notes. I learned so much from him, and he has always been there since to answer any questions I have. So thanks Skip!!” - Emma Mathieson