"You are so blessed to be in a room with Melissa and Mike and Coley and Skip because these are all people who have lived it and have succeeded in this industry…

People who actually played in it and clawed their way through… it’s another level of insight."

- Sam Hollander
Multi-Platinum Songwriter & Producer
Author of best-selling memoir 21 Hit Wonder

Sam Hollander

“I feel like I have so many ideas and so many sounds and interesting things going on in my head and I didn't know how to create them and because of Mastermind specifically I now know how to do that.”

- Reed Shannon
Actor, Recording Artist, Producer

Scotty, The Wilds (Amazon Prime)
Ekko, The Emmy-winning animated series Arcane
The voice of The Cartoon Network


“Music Career Mastermind answers all the questions I used to have as a young aspiring musician. It gives artists a chance to move forward with their careers by establishing their own road map to success. It's also a place where you're able to collaborate and hear feedback in real time which certainly helps get through the inevitable writer's block since you're enveloped by a community of people who are just as driven as you...

I'm just so happy it exists now for creatives who deserve a chance to learn the honest truth and be able to grow without being hindered by the myths of the music industry.

Music Career Mastermind is the inner voice you need to tell yourself: I got this! My music needs to be heard! I am an artist that is in control of my career and nothings going to stop me from doing what I love!"

- Caitlin Kalafus
World touring drummer
(Cyndi Lauper, Seth Meyers, Almost July, Alison Ponthier, and so many more...)
"World's Fastest Female Drummer" since 2010
Recording Session drummer
Songwriter, Recording Artist


"Melissa...She's the best ever."

- Chelsea Cutler
Platinum-selling, world-touring recording artist
(Private vocal client and tour prep client with Melissa Mulligan)

“I AM A Self Sufficient Creativity Machine!” - You put this thought in my head on your social media for artists class. Ever since I’ve been saying it to myself daily, and writing it in my daily planner journal. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities you’ve provided. I’m always so inspired by the other artists in the Mastermind community.  Mike and Skip changed my life for the best! Thank you for connecting me with new friends. I'm beyond excited to put work into my musical craft and my musical business ideas! I feel 10 times more intelligent, confident, and creative since knowing you I look forward to more fun, musical collaborations and growing together more!


I've been a part of the Mastermind family for about three years now, and I wouldn't be as focused and confident with my path if I didn't have Mel's guidance along the way. I am forever grateful to the Mastermind team for fostering a community that encourages growth and compassion which has allowed me to grow as an artist, musician, and person. After completing the program, I just couldn't get enough of the information and people I was surrounded by, sol immersed myself in other programs. The knowledge I've gained from all of these programs alone is worth every penny, but the connections I've made with instructors and fellow students are simply priceless.


I have participated in several Mastermind programs, all of which have substantially improved my knowledge of the industry and the skills required to succeed. I really enjoyed each class and I look forward to more continuous growth in my artistry. My parents and I appreciate the engagement and support provided by all of the instructors. The whole Mastermind community has encouraged me to strive to become the best artist I can be.


Before I took these courses I told myself I would never be able to produce and market my art without somebody doing it for me... Now l have completed an album created 100% by me and I have successfully released many songs onto Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms. I couldn't have done it without Mastermind. I have met some of my closest friends through this program and have met teachers that I will respect and love until the day I die. At the end of the day, Melissa teaches her students how to be themselves and how to create art that is authentic to you, and as artists and students, that is all we could hope for.


"I have been pretty nervous about how my songs and arrangements would stand up against the big artists, but I'm finding that our signature sound and our high quality production definitely stands up against most of the major artists being produced in Nashville today. The future is bright!

I'm not competing with 60,000 tracks uploaded per day. I'm really competing against myself, the quality of my craft, and my ability to properly promote myself.

That mindset shift in itself was a huge factor that increased my motivation.

It's a concept that I learned in your course, but was solidified here in my real music world over the last 6 months.

The response to all of our live shows is nothing short of phenomenal... I could not be happier with the response!"

- Jeremy

"Forever grateful for you being the first person to tell me I needed to learn production." 

-Katelyn Butcher

Artist Development & Music Career Pathways are Different Now.

  • What is artist development, really?
  • What's the best way to navigate the current industry landscape?
  • Why followers aren't fans 
  • How to create the best pathway forward in the current industry landscape.
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