For 15 years, Melissa Mulligan has been one of the most trusted vocal coaches and vocal producers in the music industry. Her clients have Billboard chart-topping hits, platinum and gold records, sold-out arena world tours, and billions of streams on Spotify. Some of the artists she has worked with include Jack from AJR, Reed Shannon, Cheslea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker, Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory, Caitlin Kalafus, Dixie D'Amelio and Hailey Knox.

Melissa's work with professional recording artists maximizes their vocal health and signature sound for their demanding tour schedules and nuanced recording sessions.

For professional vocal coaching, tour prep (in person or online), studio sessions, vocal production or artist development consultations, you're welcome to email Melissa's team.

Please include as much information as you can, including links to the artist's work. Thank you!

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I help music makers elevate their performance, production and creative skills, cultivate their artist identity and clarify their career road maps so they can get a "YES" from every fan, collaborator, venue, and industry professional they attract. 

We empower musically gifted, creative and passionate students to create the careers they dream of, make informed college and career decisions, and make a living doing what they love. 

My Music Career Mastermind team and I are obsesed with providing the coaching, guidance and industry expertise music makers deserve.

Melissa truly believes that each artist's road map is unique. She has created a specialized concierge service for all new inquiries. Please fill out this short form, including links to where she can listen to your music and see you in action. You can also include google drive links to private, informal videos and voice notes. Be sure to fill her in on your goals, questions, and the type of coaching you're seeking, so she can hand select the best recommendations for you!

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More About Mel

Melissa Mulligan is a vocal coach, music career consultant and the owner/founder of the online music academy Music Career Mastermind.

She has been obsessed with helping musical creatives achieve their career goals for more than two decades.

As a voice and artist development expert, she has worked with professional recording artists such as AJR, Chelsea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker, Dixie D'Amelio, Reed Shannon (The Wilds, Arcane, Cartoon Network), New Found Glory, Dillon Kondor, Nolan Gibbons, Eliza Pryor (Team Kaylie on Netflix), several members of Acapop! KIDS, and many more. She also serves as a vocal consultant for record labels, management firms and music industry professionals.

Her clients have topped the charts, signed to major record labels, toured the world, won platinum and gold records, performed on all the late night and day time talk shows, and entered prestigious music and musical theatre programs such as NYU, USC, Belmont University, Baldwin Wallace, University of Michigan, Berklee College of Music, and many more.

Melissa is a popular workshop facilitator who has spoken at locations across the country, including Yale University's School of Music in New Haven, CT and the VocalizeU Artist Development Retreat in California. She also runs the very popular Facebook group, Music Career Roadmapping, which offers resources and advice for those on this crazy - but beautiful - journey.

A singer/songwriter who took her first voice lesson at the age of nine, Melissa has studied music her entire life.  Melissa’s work as an independent recording artist introduced her to coaches of varying styles and methods in New York, Nashville and LA. This is when Melissa began to form her own ideas about what an individualized artist development program would look like for contemporary professional and aspiring singers.

Combining elements of musicality, music production skills, songwriting, mindset, music business, performance prep and vocal training, Melissa and her team design programs that transform the lives and livelihoods of inspiring, musical people who have something to say, and deserve to be heard.

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