Welcome to Music Career Mastermind, founded by Melissa Mulligan!

For more than 15 years, Melissa Mulligan has been one of the most trusted vocal coaches and vocal producers in the music industry. Her clients have Billboard chart-topping hits, platinum and gold records, sold-out arena world tours, and billions of streams on Spotify. Some of the artists she has worked with include Jack from AJR, Reed Shannon, Cheslea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker, Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory, Caitlin Kalafus, Dixie D'Amelio and Hailey Knox.

In 2017, Melissa formed Music Career Mastermind, a coaching collective of Grammy-winning, platinum-selling, producers, songwriters and music industry experts offering grounded, inspiring mentorship to indie artists and music students around the world.

The Music Career Mastermind team is obsessed with providing world-class coaching, guidance and industry expertise to music makers throughout their entire career. 

We believe that creating a sustainable income in this field must include creative fulfillment, a collaborative community, and authentic self-expression. 


Create a Meaningful, Sustainable Music Career in 2024

A free mini course with Melissa Mulligan

I made this FREE mini-course (just two quick episodes) for recording artists, producers, songwriters, and all who want a sustainable, light-up-your-life career in contemporary music.

We'll uncover:

What everyone else is doing - and why it's not working

The myths that kill your inner artist

Producing your music (why DIY matters, and how to master it)

Cultivating a real community of listeners

 And so much more.



Meet The Team

Our coaches and mentors have Grammys, Emmys, platinum albums and Broadway credits. And their proudest moments are spent online with you.

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Advice from Our Community

A few words of wisdom from Mastermind Mentor and mulit-Grammy-winning producer Mike Mangini


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