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...I also gotta give credit to Melissa Mulligan and her amazing MMVS team who granted me even more knowledge about making music and even the business of it. Mike Mangini really polished what I was lacking and I remember finishing up my classes feeling proud to say I'm my own music artist...

- Edwards (Bridge Music Magazine Interview)


Speaking to both your heart and your pocketbook:

Are you wondering Melissa's Mastermind & Grad program is worth it? 
I say a resounding YES. Not only has my daughter's mind been blown, mindset reset, friendships made, skills learned, but she will tell you it has been life-changing. But I'll add one more layer now that the college application process is upon us. On Monday, my daughter got a bonus scholarship offer from her top choice college because of the portfolio she submitted of an original song recorded, produced, edited by my daughter. 100% of the skills used for that portfolio were learned in the Mastermind and Grad program. The value of that scholarship far outweighs the cost of the Mastermind program. So all that is to say the return on investment has been more than the life-changing experience, it also has been a financially sound choice. Whichever aspect speaks to you, I cannot recommend this program highly enough. Thank you, Melissa Mentus Mulligan for everything you have imparted to Ella Simring, and thank you Lisa Kiker for steering us to Melissa in the first place. xoxo to all in this application season and looking forward to all that 2020 will bring.

-Lise (Mom)

I learned about so much about road-mapping and different aspects of the music industry, especially through Mike Mangini's presentation in the program. I grew so much as an artist because I was able to work one-on-one with different people who are a part of the MMVS team, which allowed me to work on specific aspects of my craft that I wanted to improve my skills in. I would recommend others to take full advantage of this program and come into the program with no expectations because that's what I did, and it blew my mind how much I was able to accomplish within a span of 8 weeks. Now, I am producing a song with one of my coaches that I wrote while I was in the mastermind program; it will be dropping onto Spotify and iTunes within the next few months. My road map helped me organize my dreams into a simple layout that I am now following.

Every time I leave one of these sessions, I feel like I am not alone in this. We are all taking on this industry together, and this program is seriously one of the best things I could have ever done for myself and my career.
- Brooke

My daughter is a sophomore at Belmont. She did the MMVS Mastermind class and literally learned more in that 12 weeks than  3 semesters as a music student. It was absolutely the best money we have spent in regards to her career. (Including the tens of thousands in tuition) She has a clear plan and road map to reach her dream of being a performer and recording artist.
- Christa (Mom)

My son (19) was in the Mastermind group this past summer. It was a life-changing experience for him. If you've watched Melissa's video about the Mastermind, she talks about how he started singing because of the group. Absolutely true. I'd wanted him to try for a few years, as it felt like the missing piece for him as a musician and songwriter, but he always balked. This time, he chose to do it on his own. Miraculous, and entirely unexpected.
- Tamar (Mom)

I'm so grateful that I found you and the Mastermind community! Since finding MMVS, I know so much more about the music industry and music itself, and I couldn't be happier about putting to use everything I learned!
- Hattan

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