Steve Walter

Steve Walter is a photographer, graphic designer, brand consultant and videographer. His work includes developing corporate brands, graphic design for large and small businesses, fashion photography, event photography, music videos, live video shoots, head shots, social media consultations for recording artists, and more.

Father, husband and artist. Steve graduated with high honors and a degree in visual communication. Working as an art director at a marketing agency for almost a decade, he was able to work on campaigns and materials for brands like, Pepsi, Entenmanns, Thomas’, 1800 Tequila and Three Olives Vodka. After working as a designer he transitioned toward a freelance photo and video career maintained for the past 9 years. Working in various areas covering music, fashion, portraiture, product, advertising and weddings. A combination of the two backgrounds has allowed him to create some compelling imagery that in many ways combines the best of both worlds. A solid foundation of both studio and on-location photo and video methods, Steve uses the tools necessary to create visually impactful imagery that is not limited to any one method.

Steve has a passion for teaching and loves “talking shop”. His first teaching job, Steve was hired by the same school he had just graduated from in 2005. After working there for 2 years, he later gained formal training as an instructor by Apple Inc. where he trained employees and customers in-store about Apple software and hardware products for the better part of 6 years. Join him for a workshop and he’ll share all the things he’s learned in the almost combined 20 years of creative work.