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Our most advanced, holistic, artist development program EVER!


What is Music Career Accelerator?

Music Career Accelerator offers personalized mentorship and artist development with our Grammy-winning, platinum-selling team of producers, songwriters and music industry experts on:

Music Production
Songwriting and Composition
Music Career Road Mapping
Sustainable Income Plans
Music Business

... and more!

Watch the video above to learn about what selected music makers accomplish in this epic 90 day coaching experience!

Melissa Mulligan

For 15 years, Melissa Mulligan has been one of the most trusted vocal coaches and vocal producers in the music industry. Her clients have Billboard chart-topping hits, platinum and gold records, sold-out arena world tours, and billions of streams on Spotify. Some of the artists she has worked with include Jack from AJR, Reed Shannon, Cheslea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker, Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory, Caitlin Kalafus, Dixie D'Amelio and Hailey Knox.

I work with independent artists to develop their vocal brilliance, elevate their artist identity and clarify their career road maps so they can get a "YES" from every fan, collaborator, venue, and industry professional they attract. 

I also provide young adults the opportunity to work with a team of music industry experts to develop all the skills they need and the industry expertise they deserve. We empower musically gifted, creative and passionate students to create the careers they dream of, make informed college and career decisions, and make a living doing what they love. 


Steven Cruz, Omega Educational Consulting

Steven Cruz, M.A., has nearly two decades of professional experience in educational counseling, program development, and student affairs. An accomplished speaker, program developer, communicator, and facilitator, Steven has an established record of providing admissions, housing, and personal support to his clients. 

Steven is the CEO and founder of Omega Educational Consulting which offers world class 1:1 services for helping students identify and place into their best-fit college or university. Through Omega's roster of top-notch counselors, their in-depth industry knowledge, and Omega's commitment to providing highly customized services, nearly every single client of the Omega family has been admitted to one of their top three schools.

Steven has been a featured keynote speaker at NYU, Columbia University, and the Juilliard School of the Arts as well as other numerous other conferences on student issues. 

Following completion of his master's degree in Student Personnel Administration from Teachers College, Columbia University in 1993, Steven joined New York University as Assistant Director of the Office for African American, Latino and Asian American Student Services. At NYU, Steven developed numerous programs to recruit, advise, and mentor international students and provided career placement and graduate school advisement.


Dr. Alaina Johnson

Dr. Alaina Johnson is a clinical psychologist, author, consultant and mother of three creatively driven offspring.

Author of the book Parenting Talent, Dr. Alaina works as a consultant, instructor, writer and speaker specializing in supporting parents, families, instructors, and coaches of creatively driven tweens and teens. 

When she took a temporary break from her practice to relocate with her son while he performed on Broadway, Dr. Alaina connected with parents of other creatively driven tweens and teens. She quickly recognized universal themes in the parenting questions and challenges these parents navigated as they worked to best understand, support, and affirm their children and their children’s passion.

To facilitate her own parenting journey and better respond to the requests for guidance she was receiving from other parents, Dr. Alaina began searching for resources specific to parenting tweens and teens drawn to the creative arts. She discovered that there were very few parenting resources that addressed the unique needs and challenges of adolescent creative artists.

Dr. Alaina has put together some very special workshops and opportunities for the Music Career Mastermind community. Connect and learn more below!


College Fest Replays!

Saturday's sessions were extraordinary. I can't thank you enough for your questions and kindness! Please enjoy these replays as well as the additional resources I've selected for you below.