The Undeniable, No BS Truth About Creating Your Music Career

The four-phase plan for launching your music career.

A free course with Melissa Mulligan

Part One

The Myths That Kill The Artist Within

How to become an undeniable artist and get a yes from every fan, follower, mentor and colleague.

What we discuss:

  • What it means to be an undeniable artist
  • What the industry won't tell you (because they don't know)
  • The truth about artist development (and why most people get it wrong)
  • How to turn listeners into fans
  • The truth about social media - what matters and what definitely doesn't

Part Two

Your 4 Phase Launch Plan

The undeniable artist's road map: creating your music career without going into debt, going crazy or going viral.

What we discuss:

  • An actual four phase launch plan for your music career
  • What everyone else is doing
  • Why it's not working
  • Why they keep doing it anyway
  • How to grow a community and relevant network
  • How to avoid going broke and burning out

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