I took my first voice lesson at the age of nine and I've been hooked since that day. After years training in CT, NYC, LA and Nashville, I began to form my own ideas about what an individualized vocal program would look like for professional and aspiring singers in all styles, especially the often neglected contemporary vocalists. Now, my vocal coaching team and I combine the fundamentals of vocal technique with elements of musicality, mindset, and artistic expression. We create a road map for you that includes your artistic vision and your vocal potential. 

If you're new to our community, I invite you to schedule a complimentary road mapping call with me to review your goals and your vocal training needs. I can happily talk vocals all day (and often do)!

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Programs we recommend for you this season include:

Music Industry Mastermind

Musical Theatre Mastermind

Sonwriting Collab Camp

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You're welcome to request a complimentary road mapping call to share your goals and get advice on where to start. 

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