About Music Career Mastermind 

We do things a little differently here.

This is not an online program where you watch video tutorials.

This is not a collective of coaches that anyone can book for private lessons.

This is not an "artist development" company where we do things for you like glossy content, pop demos, cookie-cutter short cuts or purchased streams and numbers.

This is holistic, live, individualized online training & development with a team of caring, highly-skilled teachers and industry mentors.

Think of it as an independent study with the support of a worldwide community of your peers and mentors.

I call it road mapping.

Your first step with us will be a complimentary road mapping conversation (over zoom) with me or one of the advisors on my team. 

In this call we will explore your goals and dreams, talk through any careers of interest and dreams you have, take you through the academic landscape and your best options (if that applies to you), and create a road map that you can use now and in the future.

My objective is to create calming clarity for you. We will eliminate the time, energy, and resources that are wasted by not knowing exactly what you do and don't need to do to reach your goals.

If we work together...

Our first step is to unleash your creative brilliance and elevate your skills so you have the perfect combination of knowing what you're doing and knowing who you are. 

Next, we dig deep into your goals and dreams, educate you on the industry you wish to work in, take you through the academic landscape and your best options (if that applies to you), and create a detailed plan that includes being completely self-sufficient and creating a sustainable income.

We want you to be an expert in how your field works and  develop a plan for what you are going to do within it. You’ve been given a passion for music and have cultivated the right attitude and work ethic. Now, let’s get to work to create the life and career you desire (and deserve)!

Be sure to check out our "Meet The Team" section to learn about our mentors and coaches.

You can read some kind words from Masterminds (and some parents) on the "Testimonials" page.

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