Musicians are among my favorite people on Earth. You're dedicated, passionate, and willing to put in the time to become great at something you love. 

We're in such an interesting (and perhaps challenging) time for musicians. The good news is you have an opportunity now to participate in your craft in new ways.

When you become self-sufficient at creating, recording and collaborating remotely you don't need anyone's permission to share your skills and creativity with the world.

Whether your goals include playing in a death metal/prog rock/ska band with techno influences (yes, that shows up in road mapping conversations!), playing in an elite orchestra or Broadway pit, composing for films, touring the world, or all of the above (and then some), I'd love to do a complimentary road mapping call with you and figure out what next steps and long term plans make the most sense for you.

I'm looking forward to working with you!
- Melissa


Please visit our Mastermind Programs page for all we are offering this season.

Programs we recommend for you this season include:

Music Industry Mastermind

Music Production Mastermind

Songwriting Collab Camp

Mastermind Programs


Need more guidance?

You're welcome to request a complimentary road mapping call to share your goals and get advice on where to start. 

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