Maggie Hollinbeck

Maggie is a performance and mindset coach drawing from over 30 years of experience as an actress, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and director. She’s toured North America twice with the 1st national tours of Once and the 20th anniversary Broadway revival of Annie, and has been seen in regional theatres across the country as well as in NYC, where she recently made her Off-Broadway debut. As a contemporary recording artist, Maggie has performed in clubs across America from the Crooked Bar in LA to the Bitter End in NYC. She’s released two full-length albums and has a third due for release in late 2018. For more information about her work please visit 



"Maggie is an incredible coach. She is extremely intelligent and always makes things easy to understand. She takes challenges that seem impossible, and make them smaller to tackle. I've always been able to go to her with any problems I had, whether I was dealing with challenging material or an emotional mindset block. Every lesson with Maggie always leaves me feeling more confident in myself, my talent, and my work. Without Maggie's help, I would not have been able to come as far as I have already. Because of Maggie, I know I'm ready to tackle any audition or any challenge that comes my way." -Josey Terry

“I had a lesson with Maggie towards the end of my course, right when I moved to New York. She taught me everything that I needed to know about being equity, and how auditions, callbacks, and waiting to hear can go for months and months. She showed me what it looked like when you are equity and can sign up for appointments. She was also the one who encouraged me to attend what ended up being my very first audition here, because she knew I had trouble getting seen at things, and told me to just go to an audition that no one goes to anymore since it has been running so long, and I did. My first audition in New York was a Broadway audition and I really thank Maggie for encouraging me. She taught me so much and is such a wonderful person!” -Sasha Butcher