College Road Mapping for
Music + Theatre Careers

A 20 Day Self-guided course from the experts
in music career road mapping!

We're told this should be simple:

Decide what you want to do for a career.
Major in that thing.
Audition and hope you get in.

For you, this is not that simple. The good news is, this can now be the most empowered and optimistic decision you've ever made!

We're about to have a new conversation about college that includes:

What are you hiring college to do for you?

How do you create a plan that includes following your dreams and creating a sustainable income?

What is the right program (and major) for your personal road map?

How do you make sure you get GREAT offers and invitations from your top choices?

FOR MUSIC & THEATRE CAREERS in a 20-Day Self-guided course!

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In 20 Days (or Less!) You Will Have:


The best college list for your personal goals and needs


Common app, essays, and resume expertise


Financial aid & scholarship assistance


The secrets to undeniable auditions & interviews


What colleges will LOVE about you


The entire admissions journey


Gap year options for rock stars

All the templates and examples you need for resumes, portfolios and more!

Creative career pathways for your interests!


VIP college research training


College resume templatesMusic / Performance resume templates


Self-tape and zoom tech guidelines


Audition repertoire building


The college visit checklist


Discussion prompts for your family


BONUS! Private Consultation with Omega Educational Consulting


BONUS! Workshop with Music Career Mastermind

Watch my quick video (above) to see how we get you there!

The most comprehensive guide to finding your unique college path.

We're going to make sure you get dream-come-true results, while enjoying the journey!

Meet Steven Cruz!
Founder of Omega Educational Consulting: the College Admissions Experts


I've partnered with Omega Educational Consulting to bring you the BEST resources for the academic admissions process! With over 20 years of experience helping students attend their top college choices, Omega founder Steven Cruz is going to teach you: 

  • How to demonstrate you're the perfect fit for your top college choices

  • How to know what you're hiring college to do for you, based on your goals and needs

  • Why his students are getting into their top 3 choices every year, and why they're THRILLED with their decisions

  • Financial aid and scholarships: You've got more options than you might think! 

  • How to make sure you thrive in college!
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Set yourself up for longterm success!

Learn career building secrets from experts in:

  • Contemporary Music
  • Music Production
  • Music Business
  • Composition / Songwriting
  • Film and Video Game Scoring
  • Music Ed
  • Musical Theatre
  • Acting
  • Classical / Jazz Performance

Professional gap advice for:

  • Alternative training paths
  • Home school students
  • Early / dual high school graduates
  • Students going pro

What I know for sure...

Mentorship is where it's at.

For all of us.

I know the power of having inspiring mentors - some work with me here in the Mastermind programs and they'll work with you, too!

It's true that some skills require going at your own pace, and some development needs to happen in your own time. That's why we've gone through our decades-worth of teachings at Music Career Mastermind and organized our best college planning materials in this new format.

You deserve the BEST coaches, the total truth, and a community of like-minded peers from around the world.

ENROLL NOW: 15% off with code SUCCESS
I've been a part of the Mastermind family for about three years now, and I wouldn't be as focused and confident with my path if I didn't have Mel's guidance along the way. I am forever grateful to the Mastermind team for fostering a community that encourages growth and compassion which has allowed me to grow as an artist, musician, and person. After completing the program, I just couldn't get enough of the information and people I was surrounded by, sol immersed myself in other programs. The knowledge I've gained from all of these programs alone is worth every penny, but the connections I've made with instructors and fellow students are simply priceless.


“I AM A Self Sufficient Creativity Machine!” - You put this thought in my head on your social media for artists class. Ever since I’ve been saying it to myself daily, and writing it in my daily planner journal. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities you’ve provided. I’m always so inspired by the other artists in the Mastermind community.  Mike and Skip changed my life for the best! Thank you for connecting me with new friends. I'm beyond excited to put work into my musical craft and my musical business ideas! I feel 10 times more intelligent, confident, and creative since knowing you I look forward to more fun, musical collaborations and growing together more!


I have participated in several Mastermind programs, all of which have substantially improved my knowledge of the industry and the skills required to succeed. I really enjoyed each class and I look forward to more continuous growth in my artistry. My parents and I appreciate the engagement and support provided by all of the instructors. The whole Mastermind community has encouraged me to strive to become the best artist I can be.